Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's Only the Beginning

Wedding Pic from September 2012


Today marks the day that I decided to just jump into the blogging community. I have always loved fashion, makeup, and all things girly. My favorite part of going out is getting dressed and taking pictures. I am currently a third grade teacher and have been one since 2004. As a kid I hated school and faked sick more days than I can remember, so it's kinda weird that I'm a teacher now. 

Teaching pays the bills (well sort of), but fashion is my passion. I get excited when I get my latest Vogue or Vanity Fair and I loathe reading a book about teaching, so I need this blog to express my girly side. Lord knows the education world expects us to be neat little packages tied up with a ribbon of no mistakes and a side of BORING!

I'm going to keep this post short since it's just my introduction. 

 I will be posting outfits of the day, makeup tips for the over 30 crowd, my struggles with eczema, and my road to healing from perioral dermatitis due to topical steroid use. 

 I hope you will enjoy reading it and find inspiration along the way. 



  1. Oh, girlie! If there's anything you are NOT, it's BORING! Excited for this new endeavour of yours . . . . though, I think you are one of the best teachers I've had the pleasure to know and work with. BTW, what happened to the other name you were thinking of?

    Go girl! <3

    1. I bought the domain name just in case I want to use it, but I thought the new one speaks to who my audience will be.

    2. Nice! Can't wait to tune in for upcoming posts!
      -Sabrina Baweezy...

  2. Love it boo! Proud of you Shannon! You know I'm all things girlie/fashion. The title is SO fitting & I can't wait to see/support the posts!

    -Daunea (IG:Fashionea)

  3. So proud of you biffy!!!! I believe in you and in your passion and can't wait to support you and your blog!! Love ya! <3<3

  4. Hey, Cain!! This is a really cool endeavor. Looking forward to following you :)

  5. Love the blog, look forward to posts to come

  6. You are an amazing individual! We definitely have lots in common. keep up the fantastic fashion