Monday, November 12, 2012

Sexy 9 to 5!

Ok, so I've already said that I'm a teacher. I teach third grade so there is absolutely no need for me to ever, ever, ever wear something like this to work. If I did have a more glamorous job I would love to wear a crisp white dress. I have no idea why this is in my closet, but I just love the cleanness of this look. The neutral colors are great for these gloomy fall days. Maybe one day I'll get to wear this for more than just my blog. 

How many of you have clothes in your closet for no reason?

I hope you hare having a fabulous day. 


Dress: TJ Maxx by Marc New York

Shoes: DSW last summer by Bandolino. Sooooo comfortable. 
You have to have lashes!! Whispies by Ardel
Eye Shadow: ELF pallet $15 from Target
Purse: Target Clearance two years ago


  1. You look like a long lost Kardashian cousin! Love the look!

    1. Thanks Sheenabeena!!! You know I love them.